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Attending a Home Wedding Here are 7 Types of Traditional Indian Sarees you can Wear

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Attending a Home Wedding Here are 7 Types of Traditional Indian Sarees you can Wear



There is nothing like this wedding season! In this age of at-home weddings, it's important to update your wardrobe in line with growing numbers of new-age couples. It would be a shame not to take advantage of India's vast and rich legacy of art and craftsmanship. Here are seven great saree choices that boast of an ancient and preserved heritage from across this dynamic landscape if you're planning to attend an upcoming wedding in your home and don't want to dress up too much (you don't want to look like a prospective bride yourself!) 

Here are some unique traditional sarees to get you ready for your next event:

1. Paithani

The Paithani saree is a type of silk saree made from the finest quality of silk and named after the town of Paithan in Maharashtra where it was initially made. Due to the intricate peacock motif on the pallu and the oblique square designs on the border, it holds the distinction of being one of the most expensive saree types due to its intricate craftsmanship and high quality silk. 

2. Patola

Patan, Gujarat, boasts a legacy of karigari weaving, which originated in double ikat weaving style sarees. Due to the lengthy and intricate process of dying the threads of this saree, the process (six months to one year) required to complete one Patola saree renders it highly expensive and revered. The saree is embellished with floral designs, geometric patterns, and dancing figures.

3. Kanchi

Tamil Nadu's town of Kanchipuram is famous for its Kanchipuram silk sarees. The rich contrast borders of these sarees, woven from pure mulberry silk, make them stand out. Among the other motifs found on Kanchipuram sarees are temple patterns, checkered stripes, birds, animals, and floral patterns. 

  1. Kantha


The Kantha saree, commonly worn in India and Bangladesh, bears its name from a type of embroidery that appears on the saree and is known by the same name. Sarees with stunning embroidery and a rich heritage of craftsmanship are renowned for their aesthetic appeal and craftsmanship.

  1. Chanderi

Among the beautiful gifts Central India offers to the world is Chanderi art. The traditional ethnic fabric of Chanderi silk sarees is lightweight and soft to the touch. These sarees carry a number of interesting motifs that are inspired by the history of the region. There is a wide variety of motifs and designs in these sarees, including ashrafi (gold coin) motifs and florals. 


  1. Kasavu

These gold-bordered cream-coloured Kasavu sarees are a gem from 'God's own country'. Traditionally simple, but elegant, sarees with multicolored traditional motifs are available in numerous variations today. They are a go-to garment for every occasion, and their subtle brilliance makes them stand out!

  1. Muga

Assamese Muga sarees are made of a particular type of wild silk by the same name that grows abundantly in the state. These sarees are known for the durability of their fabrics, as well as their glossy texture and traditional ornament designs. With their long shelf-life and gorgeous display of craftsmanship, these sarees make a fantastic occasion wear choice!

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