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About Us

Priyanka Jain

The owner at the very outstandingly beautiful label “Priyanka Jain” invests her faith in the inspirational motto “A girl should be, whatever she desires to be”.

Priyanka grew up with an admirable fascination for the sparkle of the Bollywood industry and dreamt of designing clothes for celebrities and movies. She holds on fashion degree from NIFT and worked with prestigious retail brands as a designer and have over 14-year experience in Textile, Apparel and fashion Industry.


 She started her mass label IN 2011 by the name of SIA that supplied products to all online portals. However, retaining her childhood dream of designing for the Bollywood industry Priyanka started the exclusive designer label Priyanka Jain in 2014. This exquisite clothing line represents opulence and style that makes a woman stand out from the crowd with a charming and at the same time a sharp sense of confidence.



Her clothing collection embodies the perfect combination of style, heavenly charisma, and an incisive sense of confidence that brings out the individuality of one's own. She has launched a substantial wide range of wedding, bridesmaid and trousseau collections along with accessories and footwear


Our Label

Priyanka Jain showcases a collection that reflects the beauty, elegance, simplicity and at the same time sensuality of a woman. Priyanka Jain has been specially curated for women who demand a sophisticated look with a fine taste of glamour and grace.

Established for women who demand a sophisticated look with an acute sense of taste for elegance and glamour. Here designs are simple, sensual and Fashionable.



Every masterpiece stand out with opulence in the crowd with a lot of skin, simple cuts and style. All Clothes are extremely wearable manifesting the demeanor of the wearer, asserting an elegant, stylish and sexy confidence, a sharp whisper in a room full of loud people.

Exclusive clothing outlet showcases before you the most trendy, sassy and upto minute apparel. Ranging from the gala festive dresses to trousseau & from bridal attires to bridesmaid pret and couture handcrafted collection, the brand is full of style and beauty. Enter the store you will experience an irresistible temptation to buy out your piece of perfection. Just choose out the outfit most compatible with your genre and you’re all ready to wave and flaunt the grounds.