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If you are planning to go to a traditional Indian wedding, you are possibly gaping what costumes are applicable for the wedding guests. Selecting what to wear to an Indian wedding is a critical chore, but it does not have to be aggravating. Traditional Indian weddings are recognized for their indulgence, ritual, and festival of love. As a wedding guest, you will get to enjoy yourself in the tradition and rituals of Indian weddings.




If you are not entirely sure what to wear to a wedding, you have come to the best article. We have compiled excellent advice from experts, along with shoppable costume insight for everyone. Keep reading to understand more about the significance behind traditional wedding outfits for the guest.

What to Wear to a Traditional Indian Wedding

Here we have provided a list of all the tips which you can use to select your dresses and outfits as a guest for a traditional Indian wedding. Make sure to use these tips by experts in the field when you are in doubt next time to choose a wedding outfit.


  • When choosing out your guest costumes for an Indian Wedding Dress, color is a crucial aspect that you need to keep in mind. The significant and vital fact when choosing a wedding dress is to select colors as per your need. If you are in doubt about what color to choose, go with the bright and festive colors because these colors always go with the wedding vibes. Choose pastel colors for the functions in the daytime and jewel tones for the functions in the nighttime.
  • When you start to shop for the outfits for a wedding dress, we advise you to get to know everything about the fashion statement for Indian fashion for different occasions. The most common options for women to wear on any occasion are lehengas and sarees. A lehenga is a two-piece costume that comprises an atop usually cropped with a comprehensive, high-waisted kilt. A saree is a lengthy portion of the cloth, commonly made of cotton and silk, that is utilized to drape around the body. 
  • It is crucial to understand that traditional attire is not perpetually a provision. While wedding guests should perpetually glare at special dress statute ordinances on the invitation of the wedding. Alternative items of clothing can be relevant as well. There is no anticipation for you to scrape a traditional costume for a traditional Indian wedding.
  • To complete your outfit for an Indian wedding, wear a lot of accessories. If you think that a lot will be more, then you are totally wrong because if you wear bright colors and wear a lot of accessories, then you will fit completely fine. If you are not comfortable wearing a lot of accessories, oversized and heavy jhumkas and bangles in your hands will be perfect to complete your Indian wedding dress.

  • No Indian wedding outfit is complete without perfect footwear that matches the complete attire. You can pair your Indian attire with a lot of different things and can even try traditional and Indian fusion, which looks gorgeous. If you want to look chic, then you can wear high heels or broad heels. But if you do not want to stress out your photo, you can try some flat footwear that goes well with Indian outfits.

What to Wear to Different Ceremonies

Generally, traditional Indian weddings are not just a one-day function of love but are a festival of three to four days. Functions are both celebrated day and night.



  • The first day comprises a pooja (Ganesh pooja), which is a Hindu ritual that is celebrated at the family’s residence with only close family members and friends.
  • Sangeet (also called as Mehendi ceremony) is celebrated on the second day of the wedding festival. The  couple-to-be-married are accompanied by their friends and family members to dance to blasting music and celebrate in the evening or night. While others are enjoying themselves dancing, singing, and eating, the bride has henna tattoos on her hands and feet.
  • The third day is celebrated as the main wedding ceremony which is usually at night time or day.
  • After the main Indian wedding, it is accompanied by a reception in the evening or day where all friends and family members shower their love and wishes on the newly married couple.



Fusion weddings are getting popular during recent times where not only the married couple but also the guests of the wedding try out different fusion attire. It is not important that you only wear something traditional to the Indian weddings, you can decide your style and wear accordingly. 

Choose your Indian wedding outfit according to the ceremony you plan to attend. If you are going to attend the whole four to five wedding you have to pack different tires for each different occasion as we have mentioned above. 

Indian Wedding Guest Attire for Women


Here we have provided a list of the go to Indian attire which you can wear and flaunt your beauty at any traditional Indian wedding. If you cannot think of anything you can easily choose one of the outfits given below.

  • Lehenga
  • Saree
  • Ghagra-choli
  • Kurta-salwar
  • Gharara
  • Lehenga-style saree

If you have a one grand traditional Indian wedding to attend in the near future you must be very stressed on what to wear at different Ceremonies of the wedding as a wedding guest. If you are someone who is suffering from the same dilemma you could visit the website, to find some beautiful Indian attires at an affordable price.