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Ethnic Women Wear For Wedding

India has a vast and colourful culture which keeps changing when you move from one place to another. It is one of the top and most known countries when it comes to cultures, different languages, different as well as unique clothing and different types of food. It has been rightly said that one’s culture can be caught in glimpses of one's dressing style.

India has a vast and varied cultural system and every culture has its own traditional dresses for different occasions like festivals and weddings. Not only do people of India take pride in their traditional dresses but also are up to date with the different modern clothing styles.

Moderation is a different thing but when it comes to big events like some festivals or Indian weddings people prefer to wear traditional and ethnic dresses. Wearing a traditional dress is an important part of any events like festivals or Indian weddings.


If I ask you what comes to your mind right at the moment when I say the word Indian wedding. I bet that it is the colourful decorations, lots of sweets, loud songs and a beautiful groom all dressed up in traditional Indian wear. Indian weddings are popular all around the globe for their rich and royal look, age-old rituals, lots of gold jewellery, tasty food and traditional dresses. This is the main reason why many Hollywood stars come to India for a traditional wedding because of its Royal and classy look.

If we get started talking about the Indian wedding we could talk for hours and hours. Approximately for every Indian wedding, preparation starts before 6 to 8 months, so that nothing is left unnoticed on the day of the wedding. Here we are going to talk about the most talked-about and important thing: clothing at Indian weddings.


Ethnic Dress Increases the royal look of the bride

When we talk about the different types of clothes a groom will wear at her wedding, we cannot generalise because every part of the country has different Ethnic Women Wear for Wedding. But one thing is for sure that every groom wears a traditional dress which matches her culture.

In northern parts of India like in Rajasthan, brides wear Ghagra Choli or Lehenga but in Punjab, a bride will be seen wearing salwar kameez. It’s not only about different parts but when it comes to the same region it can also have variation in the culture. When we come to the southern part of India brides are seen loaded with natural flowers. Every different part and state of a country has a different culture and grooms can be seen in the dress from the tradition of that place.

Only dresses in weddings don't contribute to the royal look of a bride. We can see an Indian groom wearing a lot of jewellery and Mehendi on her hand.


Online Designer wear for Wedding

If you think that Indian weddings are all about the groom and her dressing then you are totally wrong. The dresses of the groom are as important as that of the bride. Grooms also wear traditional dresses in the Indian wedding which showcase their tradition and culture. The most common dresses worn by a groom at an Indian wedding are kurta pyjamas, Sherwani, bandh gala suits in jodhpur, and even western suits. In the southern part of the country, grooms can be seen in Dhoti and kurta.

If you have ever attended an Indian wedding then you must have spotted a lot of men wearing turbans. Turbans have been considered a part of Indian culture for a very long period of time. It describes the pride of a man and is a symbol of royalty.

To save the groom from the evil powers, a Serra is worn by him around the forehead which is made of fresh flowers and covers the entire face.

Along with the traditional dress, Sehra and the turban groom get ready with gold jewellery to attain a royal and classy look. Footwear is also a very important factor when it comes to groom complete dress.


Different colours of Ethnic Women Wear for Wedding  

When it comes to Indian weddings you will notice that colours play a very vital role. You will see different colours all around in the decoration, even in the sweets and most importantly in the dresses of the bride and groom. When we talk about a wedding, bold colours are chosen for the dresses. The most popular colours are red, orange, maroon, crimson, yellow, pink and green.

Not only in the wedding but in different functions related to wedding and in the festivals people choose to wear a bold and bright colour to represent their culture. When we talk about weddings in particular, red is the colour which is opted by maximum brides.

If you too want to have a wedding that looks luxurious and classy like an Indian wedding, you should experiment with bold colours and heavy pieces of jewellery and other accessories.


Experimenting Designer Wear Dresses for Wedding

Dresses for Indian weddings are created with a lot of work in the form of embroidery. Some brides also make their lehenga customised so that they can feel themselves without losing the integrity of the original design.

Fabric and design both are very important when it comes to making a designer wear dresses for wedding. Every dress is different from the other because of the difference in the embroidery work. Some have mirror work, some have Zari work, some have bead and pearl work while some other dresses have sequins work.


Designer Wear Dresses for Wedding

There is an ongoing trend of mixing western clothing in traditional dresses to make a fusion look. Like other dresses, now we can also see Indian fusion wedding dresses. This is the best way of giving a dress western look without losing its traditional authenticity. In Indian weddings, there are varieties of options to choose from in the dress for a bride. With the coming of fusion Indian wedding dress, the options have increased tremendously for brides and grooms to choose from. There are stores where you can buy online designer for wedding.